A Dwarf Cleric who can Explode things


The bloody roar of command broke through the maelstrom, helpless before the mighty power of the All Father; the vile creature heeded the call. Valtkyr fell to his knees, bracing himself against the shaft of his hammer, strength began to drain. As the world closed into pinholes Valtkyr called out to his ancestors… with labored breath he spoke his last invocation- “Moradin, make ready the soul forge”.

“Awaken, young stone”

Valtkyr opens his eyes, he is standing in the center of a grand chamber. He squints as he looks towards the voice, then instantly falls to the ground, pressing his face to the stone… Moradin stands before him.

“All Father…I am not worthy of this, I did not even have the decency to die in the stone…or let alone, in my own realm” Valtkyr says, face still to floor.

“Valtkyr, I could not hear a damn word you will you stand up? Do you think I’m Bhamut or something?” Moradin says, while stifling a laugh.

Valtkyr raises off the ground and takes stock of the sight in front of him. Moradin stands 12 feet tall, and looks…well quite bluntly, like an over grown dwarf. He is dressed very plainly, in hues of red and brown – His only vanity being the jeweled gauntlets, which pulsed and glowed with divine light.

“ I am sorry, but this is quite a new experience…you know I’ve never been dead before, but I’m sure you knew that” said Valtkyr feeling a little bit defiant and hurt that his deity was having a laugh at him.

“Dead! Who said anything about being dead child? I just wanted to have a little bit of an All Father and son chat with you, and a collapsing realm did not seem a proper place to I pulled you here.”

Valtkyr was surprised, relived, and embarrassed all at once.

“All Father, what is it that you needed to speak with me about?” Valtkyr said, remembering his place.

“You have shown great promise, both in your skill in war and in devotion to me…the merry band of morons you are currently with worry me slightly, but I am willing to overlook their handicaps as most of your fuck ups are in the pursuit to do good.” Moradin clears his throat then raises his hands in the air. In a flash of light a hammer and anvil appear in front of him.

“Valtkyr, I have brought you here to give you a powerful gift. I want you to be a Hammer of Moradin…you have proven yourself to be a fierce warrior, compassionate healer, and a competitive drinker, all of which are qualities the Hammers hold in high regard.” Moradin picks up the hammer and strikes the anvil, light flashes, and a series of runes begin to encircle Valtkyr, floating in the air around him.

“All father, I am humbled by your gift…” Valtkyr could not finish the sentence, the runes began to enfold him, searing fire ran through his body. The cleansing fire of the soul forge was embracing him, causing both agony and peace simultaneously . The runes became part of him, written on the skin of his back and arms, strategically placed to map out the regions of Valtkyrs physique used to swing a hammer.

As the runes lay cooling on his flesh, Valtkyr felt better than he had in years. The fire of the soul forge cleared not only corruption of the soul, but that of ancient wounds.

“Valtkyr, before I return you to your own realm…I need you to swear an oath.” Moradin says, his voice taking on a serious edge.

“Yes, my Lord -What is it you need me to swear?” Valtkyr says as he takes a knee.

“Swear to not fuck up too much…because with the powers I have invested in you, if you hit things with your hammer…they will explode, so for the love of me- think things through son…think things through.”Moradin says as he raises his hands again.

As Valtkyr clears his throat to say the oath, another flash of light. He is laying on the deck of the planeship, Valtkyr realizes two things.

1. His god is very powerful, and has taken an interest in him
2. His god is kind of a dick.


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