Durf’s Paragon Journey

After the successful implosion of he Shadowfell, the BNMB party takes a much-needed rest. Armor is repaired, weapons sharpened, tomes studied, etc. Durf begins to feel a gnawing pain, seemingly coming from every cell in her body. The pain Increases. Traces of electricity writhe over her skin, intensifying in brightness. “Something is wrong,” Durf grunts. In her mind, she hears a voice, crackling as though received on a malfunctioning radio. “We have a lock, Sir. Sub-etha field is strong and holding. Transtantiation in 5… 4… 3…” The rest of the party turns toward the spot where she was standing, but see only a wafting column of smoke which dissipates in a few seconds, leaving nothing behind.

Year 3124 CE, Earth, Westralian Federation, War Ministry, Dept. of Temporal Psychotronics.

Durf awakens, strapped tightly to a table in a brightly-lit room. He can see his body, which is once again male, the enchantment that turned him into a woman having been only an illusion.

Humans stand silently around him, but he intuits that they are exchanging information nonverbally. IV needles are inserted into veins in his arms, legs, and neck, the clear tubing conducting some dark, viscous fluid into his bloodstream. Hundreds of wires and electrodes are attached all over his body.

He hears no speech, but visions periodically flash into his mind. Electron micrograph images of machines the size of molecules. An outline of a human body, with arrows and diagrams depicting one design of nanomachine exiting the body and being replaced by a more complex-looking design, like an octopus made of proteins. A CT scan of his skull, showing a metallic device wrapped around his brainstem, pulsing with energy from an invisible source. He sleeps, he wakes, he sleeps. Days run together and pass by in a drugged haze. Finally, the silent men disconnect the IV’s and electrodes. The air crackles with electricity, the world around him begins to swim, then turns into pure white light.

Durf awakens once again, his entire body tingling and throbbing. He is in a clearing in a forest, lying in the center of a ten-foot diameter circle of scorched earth. Dim, dreamlike memories of a strange, bright, sterile place swim through his mind, and begin to dissipate. Soon he remembers nothing except the last phrase to be transmitted into his mind at the conclusion of the nearly-forgotten ordeal. “PROJECT BATTLEMAGE: UPGRADE COMPLETE. RETURN SUBJECT TO FRONT LINE.” He feels more powerful, and more intimately linked to his paranormal abilities. He must find his friends.

Durf is from the Future.

And also used to be a lady


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